Brief descriptions of the proposed Schemes:

(A) Agril. Sector: Crop Husbandry.

1. Direction & Administration:

            Under this component an amount of Rs. 52.50 Lakh has been earmarked for the year 2016-17 to meet up different administrative cost as mentioned below:



Maintenance of Vehicle






Office Expenses (including Rent, Rate Taxes, Electricity charge, Misc. etc.






Traveling allowances






Total -




2. Rice Dev. Progamme:

            For replacement of on practicing traditional paddy varieties, High Yielding Varieties (HYV) of Paddy suitable for BTC area in the form of mini-kit demonstration has been proposed for the financial year of 2016-17. Total amount earmarked is Rs.25.00 Lakh.

3. Pulses & Oil Seeds:

            To make the area self sufficient in production of Pulse & Oil Seeds through area expansion certified quality seeds of pulses & oil seeds with bio-fertilizers in the form of mini-kit demonstration have been proposed for the year 2016-17. Amount earmarked is Rs. 50.00 Lakh.

4. Maize Dev. Programme:

            To popularize the maize cultivations specially in Rabi season in BTC, it is proposed to provide quality certified HYV/Composite/Hybrid Maize seed in the form of minikit demonstrations along with provision of training have been proposed for the year 2016-17. Total amount earmarked is Rs. 50.00 Lakh.

5. Plant Protection & IPM (Integrated Pest Management)Training:

            With a view to assist the farmers with plant protection equipment at subsidy rate, bio-pesticides, bio-fungicides along with bio-control agent and IPM kits and to impart training on IPM (Integrated Pest Management) to the farmers, field functionaries a total of fund of Rs. 55.00 Lakh is proposed for the year 2016-17.

6. Information & Publicity:

a) Kishan Mela / Exhibition:

            To create awareness among the farmers for improved methods of technology for higher production and to exchange views and ideas of production technology, interaction with scientist with farmers, it is proposed to organize Kishan Mela cum Crop Seminar twice a year both Kharif and Rabi Season as well as workshop and training for FPO/FPC/BTCFWS etc.. It is also proposed to organize exhibition in the different functions like Bodo Sahitya Sabha, Conferences, Festivals and Advertisement etc.  An amount of   Rs. 10.00 lakh has been earmarked during the year 2016-17.

b) Information Technology:

            Under the IT scheme, Website Development for Agril. Department of BTC, identifying skill deficit areas and skill-mapping, maintenance of existing infrastructure, creating new infrastructure for taking initiatives on E-governance and Digital India in Agril. Deptt, of BTC, preparation of DPRs, Crop Calendars, Booklets, Bulletins, Advertisements etc. for commercially important crops and for organizing FPO/FPC & BTC FW Society etc. During this Budget provision it is proposed to clear the liabilities of previous years. Total amount earmarked for the year 2016-17 is Rs. 10.00 Lakh.

7. Govt. Farm Sector:

            To produce Certified Paddy Seed / Mustard Seed etc. under “Seed Certification Programme” in the existing departmental farm viz: Kokilabari & Barapeta Agril. Farm and Dhemdhema Seed Farm under Baksa District, Ballamguri Seed Farm, Gossaigaon and Lalpool Agril. Farm under Udalguri district. Provision has been made to meet up cost of wages for labours and employees remuneration and maintenance of Kokilabari & Barapeta Agril. Farm for implementation of the schemes. Under this Scheme, an amount of Rs. 20.00 Lakh is earmarked for the year 2016-17.



8. Private Sector Farm:

            To encourage private sector farms by re-organizing rice-based cropping system with multiple cropping sequences like rice - oilseeds / pulse / vegetables - Summer vegetables or with fruits - vegetables (intercrop) / Mushroom. The farmers will be provided with grants-in-aid/subsidy crop activity wise and they will be organized to from FPO/FPC to enable them to sustain their agril.  business effectively. Under this component, an amount of             Rs. 80.00 lakh has been earmarked for the year 2016-17.

9.: Landscaping & Beautification of 17 Nos. office premises including BTC Secretariat each with decorative plants & herbs:

            Under this scheme of Horticulture and vegetable crops, an innovative programme of Landscaping & Beautification of 17 Nos. office premises including BTC Secretariat has been taken up to decorate the available spaces around the offices with decoration plants and herbs. Total fund earmarked for it for the year 2016-17 is Rs. 6.00 Lakh.

10.: Maintenance of Soil Testing Laboratory:

            Under this scheme, the existing Soil Testing Laboratory under the control of the District Agril. Officer, Kokrajhar will be equipped properly with annual maintenance and minor repairs. Fund earmarked for the year 2016-17 is Rs. 1.00 Lakh.

14.: Soil Map & Land use Map of BTC:

            Under this scheme, Soil Maps and Land use Maps will be prepared for all the Nine Agril. Sub-Divisions and four Districts of BTC, thus making integrated maps for the BTC to know the status of its soils and use thereof. Fund earmarked for the year 2016-17 is Rs. 1.00 Lakh.

15.:Pilot Project on Mushroom spawn (Seed) Production at Bodoland University:


            An innovative Pilot Project on Mushroom Spawn (Seed) production is taken up at Bodoland University for producing Seed material for Mushroom production by Mushroom growers of the BTC areas. Necessary infrastructure and all other arrangement will be made in the first year of the 3-year project. Budget provision for 2016-17 is kept at Rs. 40.50 Lakh.