Annual Plan, 2015-16:

            For implementation of departmental ongoing an outlay of Rs. 450.00 lakh was earmarked to this sector by the council authority for the year 2015-16. Following are the schemes implemented by this department.

            Soil Conservation Department plays a vital role in taking up various conservation measures for arresting soil erosion problems due to various agencies and increase in crop production from cultivable lands. The main measures are as follows:-

1.      Protection of Riverine Land:- Erosion affected lands by rivers/ streams are protected by constructing boulder spur/ bamboo spurs, bank revetment, porcupines etc. with vegetative measures wherever & wherever necessary.

2.      Gully control works:- Gully erosion is the main soil conservation problem in BTAD areas. To check gully erosion and to improve moisture retention in catchments areas, RCC drop spill way, drop inlets, chute spillways, boulder gabion structure, Bruch wood check dams, earthen cross bund etc. are constructed across the gullies which are very effective and popular in these areas.

3.      Protective Afforestation: Afforestation is done subject to availability of land along the river stream banks and in the areas subjected to erosion. The scheme maintains also ecological balance.

4.      Land Development Scheme:- In Slopping cultivable, construction of earthen bund is done along the contour to prevent sheet erosion and to retain moisture in the field & as well as protect the most layer from erosion.

5.      Draining out excess water by cutting nulls in water logged areas is also done to improved the land quality.

6.      Integrated Watershed Management Project:- Integrated Watershed Management Project which are centrally Sponsored Schemes funded by Central Government for overall increase of food production and increase of moisture regime in the cultivable field & protect ecological balance.

To tackle various Soil Conservation problems an amount of Rs. 550.00 lakh

has been proposed for 2016-17  and accordingly Annual Plan is prepared in the

vulnerable areas with the following schemes.

1)      Direction & Administration                Rs. 89.50  lakhs

2)      Building & Approach Road                Rs. 25.00  lakhs

3)      Protection of Reverie Land                Rs. 81.00  lakhs

4)      Gully Control Project                          Rs. 159.50 Lakhs

5)      Land Development  Project                Rs. 138.00 Lakhs

6)      Water Distribution Project                  Rs. 25.00  lakhs

Protection Afforestation                     Rs. 32.00  lakhs